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5 Walking Tours in Rome for 2015 | Seeing the City by foot

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Date: 2014-11-04 00:26:54


Author: Samuel Heenan

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If you are making a visit to Italy and Rome in 2015 and enjoy a spot of culture and sightseeing along the way then this might worth reading for your trip. Such is the long history of Rome that there is so much to see, a city filled with ancient monuments, art, ruins and churches. Having lived in Rome for many years there was always something hidden somewhere you had not seen before that in any other city would be cherished, but Rome is so blessed with antiquities that seem to blend in with the rest.

The city itself has over 900 churches so I think you get my point! Anyway, the standard trip to Rome consists of three to four days which won't allow you to see everything Rome has to offer but will give you enough time to visit a lot and really get a feel for the Eternal City.

Now for those of you that consider yourself the type of visitor that just loves to wander around and explore, taking a city walking tour is a great idea as you get to step back in time with one of Rome's professional tour guides who's job is to know the city inside and out. The great benefit of a walking tour in Rome is that there is so much of the history outside in the open that you don't need to pay too many entrance fees, it's like an outdoor museum. A standard walking tour comes at an affordable price for your history lesson and there are various options of morning, afternoon and even a night walking tour in which you will see a very different perception of the city.

So let's have a look at five walking tour options in Rome for 2015:

Ancient Rome Walking Tour

Ancient Rome

This three hour walking tour of Rome visits many of the classical sites starting at St. Peter's in Chains and then makes the short walk to the Ancient City where you will take a tour of the Colosseum (not inside), the Roman Forum, Circus Maximus, Capitoline Hill and Piazza Venezia before crossing the river Tiber and on towards the Jewish Ghetto area of Rome where the tour finishes.

This walking tour departs in the morning at 9:30 am and will finish just in time for lunch.

For more information and to make a booking for this tour see: ANCIENT ROME WALKING TOUR

Squares and Fountains Rome Walking Tour

Squares and Fountains Tour

Starting at one of Rome's buzzing and busiest squares, Piazza di Spagna, with its Baroque fountain designed by Pietro Bernini father, of the famous Gian Lorenzo Bernini, and the famous Spanish Steps you will learn about the history of the square and how it got its name. Moving on further into the city centre you will visit the home of the Pantheon, one of Rome's oldest and most preserved monuments and final resting place of the artist Raphael.

The tour visits the worlds most visited fountain, "Fontana di Trevi" or the Trevi Fountain, and finishing off the tour in two of Rome's piazzas famous for its nightlife and bars but also which have an intriguing hisory; Campo dei Fiori and Piazza Navona. At the end of the tour your guide will take you for some Italian gelato included in the tour. This walking tour departs in the late afternoon at 4:30 pm and will finish around 7:30 pm.

For more information and to make a booking for this tour see: ROME SQUARES AND FOUNTAINS WALKING TOUR

Rome by Night Walking tour

Rome by Night Tour

Don't miss out on a chance to visit Rome with a personal guide at night by considering taking an early evening meal or waiting until after the tour to take a late one to build up an appetite. This tour begins at Piazza della Repubblica not far from Termini station and will last about three hours walking around the city centre. The great thing about Rome is its squares and fountains that are all lit up so making the city look quite magical at night.

You will visit Piazza Barberini, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona all by night. With the locals enjoying the city's "la dolce vita," the bars and restaurants will be filling up and the city really does have a great atmosphere.

For more information and to make a booking for this tour see: ROME BY NIGHT WALKING TOUR

Caravaggio Walking Tour in Rome


For art lovers and visitors who have already had the chance to visit the major tourist attractions this not so mainstream walking tour is a gem. Following a trail visiting the work of the cursed, but hugely talented master artist, Caravaggio. The tour will begin in Piazza del Popolo and the church Santa Maria del Popolo, where the Cerasi Chapel is located.

Following on through the city centre of Rome walking towards the Church of Sant'Agostino and finally to the Church of St. Louis of France to visit various works of Caravaggio. This tour begins in the afternoon at 4:00 pm and lasts three hours with a Rome and Artwork expert of the city.

For more information and to make a booking for this tour see: CARAVAGGIO WALKING TOUR OF ROME

St. Pauls Outside the Walls Walking Tour

St. Pauls Basilica

This tour is a mixture of history and wine tasting. The tour starts at St. Paul's Basilica outside the walls located in the southern area of the city near Ostiense. So you will need to to a short metro or bus ride to meet your guide. St. Pauls is a beautiful basilica and is the second largest in Rome after St. Peter's at the Vatican. You will make a visit to the basilica and a walking tour around the area of Garbatella as well as stopping in a local bistro to sample some of the local wines, all included in the tour.

The guide will then lead you to Eataly, the new trendy complex which is a temple of Italian food and drink. The perfect place for you to have dinner at the end of your early evening of sightseeing.

For more information and to make a booking for this tour see: ST PAULS OUTSIDE THE WALLS TOUR OF ROME

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