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Ancient Ostia

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What is included

- Bus Tour- Entrance ticket
- Headphones- Local Guide

What You Will See

- Baths of Nettuno- Decumanus Maximus
- House of Diana- Museum of Ostia
- Porta Romana- Street of Tombs
- Temple of Augustus and the goddess Roma- Thermopolium

Important Information

*Minimum number of pax: 6 (six) to make this tour; if the number is not enough the tour will be suspended.
*We suggest that you wear confortable clothes and shoes for this tour. On summer time we recomend to have a hat and water.

For your convenience we offer a free pick up service from your hotel situated inside the Aurelian Walls.Any pick up at hotels outside the Aurelian Walls will result in additional charges.

Please do not forget to provide the address from where you want be picked up

If your B&B does not have a reception, please leave a telephone number while booking.
To ensure the on-schedule departure of the tour, all travelers need to wait for the pick-up service outside the accommodation location.

On the way back the bus will make stops at (No drop off at the hotels): Lungo Tevere Marzio, Piazza dei Tribunali/Zanardelli, Via Bissolati, Termini Station – GLT Terminal.

The tour is not recommended for people with walking difficulties.

For safety reasons, you are permitted only medium and small backpacks. Nor are you allowed to carry large backpacks, camping gear, bulky bags, luggage or liquids.


Situated amongst cypress and Mediterranean pine trees, the ruins of the port of ancient Rome reveal more than any other monument in the capital,. what everyday life must have been like in ancient times.
Leaving Rome and following the road leading to the sea, Via del Mare, it takes about 30 minutes to reach Ostia, the Roman city of the Imperial age whose Latin name ‘Ostium’ means ‘mouth of the river’, reflecting its position along the Tiber river.
Ostia was founded around the 4th century BC by King Anco Marzio and became the harbour of Rome around which, throughout the following centuries, a flourishing trade and business centre developed. Following the Barbarian invasions, the decline of Ostia began when the port was abandoned and became silted up. The archaeolgical excavations undertaken at the beginning of the XIX century have brought the ancient city back to light, a rare witness to 900 years of Roman civilization.

During your walk through the ruins, your guide will tell you something about the cultural and social life of this interesting commercial settlement. Your visit to Ostia Antica itself starts at ‘Via delle Tombe’ which leads to the ‘Porta Romana’, one of the city’s three gates. This is the beginning of the ‘Decumanus Maximus’, the main thoroughfare that crosses the city from north east to south west. Then you will arrive at the ‘Terme di Nettuno’ where you can admire the beautiful black and white mosaics representing Neptune and Amphitrite, the theatre built by Agrippa and the Forum which formed the centre of the city. Here you will discover the principle public buildings, ‘Il Capitolium’ and the temple of Rome and Augustus, the Basilica and the large thermal baths. Near the forum square you will also find the House of Diana and the ‘Thermopolium’ an ancient Roman bar with a marble counter and a fresco depicting the fruit and foodstuffs that were sold there. At the end of Via dei Dipinti, the Museo Ostiense displays some of the ancient sculptures and mosaics found among the ruins.

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All Reviews

Ancient Ostia

Desiree H2013-03-12
Ancient Ostia

Thanks to our guide who was so knowledgeable and well prepared. We recommend this tour
Ancient Ostia

We visited Ancient Ostia on a half day trip from Rome. It was one of the best attractions I have ever visited! The ruins are stunning, and give a good picture of life in this important port city. A big thank you to our guide Annamaria without you we wouldn't have understood a tenth of it :-P!
Ancient Ostia

The port of Ostia is one of the most interesting and best preserved spots of Roman history. Our guide was so knowledgeable
Marla O'conno2013-01-19
Ancient Ostia

Guide was interesting and informative. I had a great time on this tour
Ancient Ostia

Great way to discover another view of the romans and their lives. My son Josh was so excited. Thanks!
Ancient Ostia

Archeologilacaly, Ostia is the best sample to understand the roman history. I recommend this tour...Highly!!
beth miller2013-01-17
Ancient Ostia

Walking throw its streets allowed us to imagine the life in the antic roman port. It was a great experience.
Sylvia M.2013-01-17
Ancient Ostia

We enjoyed the excursion and the guide was very informative. I would recommend this trip.
Ancient Ostia

Well organized and the guide was excellent. A great place to visit from Rome
Angy B2013-01-16
Ancient Ostia

We were insecure about to choose this tour, but when we finished our walking aroun Ostia we agreed thet was a Great plan!
Ancient Ostia

Recomiendo este tour porque forma parte de la historia romana mejor conservada. Es como viajar en el tiempo. Muy bueno
Ancient Ostia

Nunca pense que Ostia fuese tan lleno de Historia, en realidad nuestra guia nos abrio todo un mundo nuevo con sus explicaciones. Nos gusto mucho
Ancient Ostia

Ostia antica è un posto incredibile ma anche molto grande; Se fossimo stati da soli credo che avremmo vagato fra le rovine senza capirne il significato e probabilmente perdendo i punti salienti. la nostra guida ci ha aiutato ad apprezzare fino in fondo la bellezza e l’ importanza del luogo. Ottima guida e ottima organizzazione
Sabrina Stefa2013-01-12
Ancient Ostia

La nostra guida è stata fantastica, molto preparata e sempre molto paziente e disponibile! Ostia Antica è davvero imperdibile per chi si trova in visita a Roma.Raccomando questo tour
Chiara P2013-01-12


Ancient Ostia




Rome Center


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Total Price: 65,00

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Ancient Ostia

Desiree H 2013-03-12

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Ancient Ostia

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